Our Story

Boo Rays of New Orleans was founded in 2004 by New Orleans native, Scott Marks and Richard Sloan. Scott has been in the restaurant business since 1977.He has owned and operated several chain restaurants and traveled all over the United States. Scott knows one thing, There is nothing better than a taste of home New Orleans. Growing up in Metarie, Louisiana, meant jambalaya, gumbeaux, red beans, rice, and crawfish pie. When you walk into a restaurant in New Orleans, the food was as great as the atmosphere. From the stand-by poboy, that fills your belly till the next day to the fanciest seafood spread, not to mention, the sauces. This is the best food there is. there is just no cooking anywhere that comes close to matching that Cajun Creole, American Taste of New Orleans. Scott realized his calling when he was traveling with a chain restaurant and he saw the reaction from people, when he told them he was from New Orleans. Scott wanted to bring the taste of home to the rest of the world, and remind them about the culture, heritage, rich food, and liquid flavors of the Big Easy, and that would be the drinks!

Richard also being from the south, Alabama that is. He Moved to Texas at a young age and has been a native of Parker Co. Since 1967. He started his Drywall Business in 1974. He opened a restaurant in the mid 90’s in Cowtown. Richard always wanted to open a fun restaurant with really Great Cajun Food and Spirits. He knew Parker County was growing and needed a fun place to eat and hang out. One weekend at Possum Kingdom Lake he meets Scotty, ate some of his Cajun cuisine and asked Scotty, Do you want to go into business with me? And the rest is history. With Richards business background he manages the finical and maintenance half, Scott’s wife Elizabeth ( Tarrant County native) and Richard’s wife Stacey (Parker County native) helping in the background, this is defiantly a family owned and operated business.

We get fresh fish daily and feature a fish of the day, our fresh fish program with Frugé Seafood allows us to offer a wide variety of fresh fish delivered daily. All of our fish, steak and ribs are fire grilled on an old fashioned wood burning grill and seasoned to Perfection, New Orleans Style. Come in today and enjoy some of the freshest fish you will ever eat.